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Handmade Exquisite Alligator Leather Slippers – model 4860


Materials: dark brown exotic alligator+ black box calf + black painted calf +

Lining: tan calf leather

Sole: burgundy slipper leather sole

Designed in Canada

100% Hand Made in Spain

Similar to a slipper, the slipper often features a bow or tassel and has a top panel that provides a bit more structure to the shoe. With its seamless stitching, it is very popular in Europe and works well to maintain an elevated yet casual look.

American alligator skin is the ultimate exotic leather. It’s exclusive, delicate and very stylish. Uniquely soft and pliable, its belly scales are devoid of the bone and follicle markings that characterize crocodile skin, thus lending it that immaculate, iconic look, which makes it the ideal choice for all types of luxury accessories.

This is a made-to-order product. Because this product is handmade, please allow 40 days for the delivery.