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“At JALAL SJS, every piece is a testament to impeccable Canadian design, blending contemporary fashion with the timeless quality of raw materials meticulously sourced from the rich landscapes of Italy and Spain, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to excellence.”

- Jalal Kheirdoust (founder)

Jalal Kheirdoust

Founder, art director

Jalal Kheirdoust was born in 1979 in Iran. He was born in a family of artists and artisans who were always active in the profession of making exquisite handmade shoes.
Since his childhood, Jalal had a great taste and interest in producing precious shoes; It was then that he asked his father to send him to his adopted uncle who was a renowned manufacturer of precious handmade leather shoes and a shoe manufacturer with PU and EVA machines in a large factory in another city.

His father agreed and the effort and perseverance of this 12-year-old teenager paid off; Finally, after 9 months of training and practice, Jalal was able to achieve his first experience of producing high-quality, handmade exquisite leather shoes, and it was here that Jalal’s creativity blossomed even more.

Over time, he became more experienced and was able to produce shoes and sandals with modern machines, and due to his relationship with Italian designers, he completed specialized courses in shoe design and at the same time completed his high school education in a night school.
His talent and love for the shoe manufacturing industry blossomed every day until at the age of 18, due to his unceasing efforts and intelligence, he reached the position of managing the production of a famous factory that provides hand-stitched shoes and produces shoes with PU and EVA machines.

2004 - 2009

Jalal entered into matrimony with Somayyeh when he was 25 years old. Their shared affinity for similar preferences, synchronicity, and companionship enabled them to successfully establish and oversee multiple upscale bag and shoe stores, as well as a factory.
In 2009, his daughter Sedna was born; Jalal believed that with the birth of his daughter, their career has progressed significantly. He started and managed several other stores in different cities of Iran.



In 2015, Jalal decided to emigrate with his kind wife and little daughter and finally settled in Canada.
To start the official work and register the brand in Canada, they checked many names, but in the end, the proposal of their six-year-old daughter Sedna, who is creative, thoughtful and talented, formed the JALAL SJS family brand. SJS is inspired by the first names of Sedna, Jalal and Somayyeh.


Now JALAL SJS exquisite product collection has become an icon in the fashion world with its modern elegance and quality craftsmanship.
JALAL SJS brand is a symbol of perseverance, effort, loyalty, love, originality and invincibility of a family that always walks firmly towards their goals.
JALAL SJS represents a sophisticated brand synonymous with luxury, elegance and the quality of meticulous craftsmanship that never neglects the true art of creation.
Everything is designed to meet the needs of a modern women and men who like to follow the present fashion and at the same time demanding a high level of quality and craftsmanship.
Product value has always been a factor in JALAL SJS brand recognition.
To achieve this goal, the best first-class and precious raw materials are selected with special attention and delicacy in Italy and Spain. Choice is always represented by valuable materials.
The production team of this company is always trying to combine the best and most valuable raw materials with the artistry of skilled artisans in Italy and Spain and provide valuable products to the world market.

We are Diamond Poetry