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Jalal Kheirdoust

Jalal Kheirdoust

Founder and Art Director of JALAL SJS brand

Early Life and Passion for Craftsmanship Born in 1979 in Iran, Jalal Kheirdoust hails from a family of artists and artisans known for their exquisite handmade shoes. From a young age, Jalal showed a remarkable interest and talent in producing high-quality footwear. Encouraged by his father, Jalal began his journey at the age of 12 by apprenticing with his adopted uncle, a renowned shoe manufacturer. This early exposure laid the foundation for Jalal’s lifelong passion and expertise in shoe craftsmanship.

Rise in the Footwear Industry Jalal’s dedication and perseverance were evident from the beginning. After just nine months of intensive training, he produced his first pair of high-quality, handmade leather shoes. This achievement marked the start of his creative journey. Over the years, Jalal mastered the art of shoe production, incorporating modern machinery and techniques. His relationships with Italian designers allowed him to complete specialized courses in shoe design while simultaneously finishing his high school education in night school.

Career Achievements By the age of 18, Jalal’s unceasing efforts and intelligence had propelled him to manage production at a prestigious factory known for its hand-stitched shoes and advanced manufacturing techniques. His talent, love for the craft, and innovative approach to shoe manufacturing enabled him to produce exceptional footwear that combined traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance.

Personal Life and Entrepreneurship In 2004, at the age of 25, Jalal married Somayyeh. Their partnership, based on shared passions and mutual support, led them to successfully establish multiple upscale shoe and bag stores. The birth of their daughter Sedna in 2009 marked a significant milestone, inspiring Jalal to expand his business further.

Emigration and Continued Success In 2015, Jalal emigrated to Canada with his wife and daughter, seeking new opportunities. Their move marked the beginning of a new chapter, where Jalal continued to pursue his passion for shoe craftsmanship with unwavering dedication.

Legacy and Impact Jalal Kheirdoust is a symbol of perseverance, creativity, and excellence in the world of shoe craftsmanship. His journey from a young apprentice to a master craftsman and successful entrepreneur is a testament to his skill, dedication, and love for the art of shoe making. Jalal’s work continues to inspire and set a high standard for quality and artistry in the footwear industry.